A quick and simple solution for scrambled eggs, porridge, quinoa and soup

The Benefits

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The Scraegg steam-cook system ensures that your prepared dishes always have the same, perfect consistency and are delivered at the right
temperature time after time.
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Scraegg snacks are prepared in a speedy 15-30 seconds. Foods can be cooked and served in the to-go cup or plated and garnished.  The quick and easy process means minimal time and staff costs.
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Sustainability and zero food waste are a top priority. The single-serve system means every dish is freshly prepared for your customer – and too delicious to go uneaten. The cups and cutlery are biodegradable, too.
Scraegg Scrambled eggs

One of the best things about the Scraegg machine is anyone can operate it – you don't need any specialist staff. We will train your staff during installation and provide easy to follow instruction cards. It's so easy that they'll pick it up after just one use.

The space-saving unit is only 30x30x46.5cm, heats up in just eight minutes and operates with 230V. It can be mobile, too – as well as a fixed water connection it has a one-litre tank able to serve approximately 90 portions.

The versatile unit has three programmable buttons so you can easily offer three different products with just one machine. The process is so quick and simple that you'll be able to serve customers in under a minute. Interesting fact: the Scraegg unit can cook more than 4,000 portions a day!

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