About us

Eurofood Services Limited was formed in 2019 to work in partnership with foodservice companies focused on health and wellbeing. At Eurofood we are motivated by the changing consumer trends within foodservice and our aim is to bring further fresh and healthy opportunities to the market.

Firstly we have partnered with Scraegg Distribution UK, which brings a unique piece of German engineering to the UK food convenience market. Its Scraegg unit uses only steam to express-cook fresh healthy foods in just 15 seconds. We believe this is ideally suited to the busy world of food on the move where the consumer is looking for something healthy and nutritious but speed of service is vital.

The versatile Scraegg steaming machine cooks perfect-consistency-every-time scrambled eggs, the most amazing porridge, yummy quinoa and delicious soup. The unit is small and compact, making it suitable for even the smallest food-to-go vendor, and is currently being rolled out to a variety of operators including large High-Street chains, gyms, hotels, smaller cafés, hospitals, convenience stores and forecourt shops.

*An interesting fact is the Scraegg unit can cook over 4’000 portions per day!

Full installation and maintenance services are provided by Eurofood’s nationwide team of engineers operating from five locations: Southampton, Stoke-on-Trent, Hebden Bridge, Dublin and East Kilbride. Our engineers are trained to provide frontline technical support for the Scraegg machine with any faults rectified on site, along with initial installation and training for new users. We can also complete the required annual Pressure Systems Safety Check (PSSR).

Eurofood receives its industry direction from Non-Executive Director Michael O’Loughlin, who has a wealth of experience in the petrol filling station, convenience retail and foodservice sectors across the UK and Ireland.

The company’s technical support is managed by Adrian Tarrant, who has a split engineering and sales background, having worked for Hovis, Eurotank and a number of telephone system suppliers.

Eurofood Services Limited is part of the Eurotank Service Group, which was founded in 2001.